The seventh edition of seminar on Consumer Law

The seventh edition of this seminar,(together with a Press Conference held the prior day), was held at DEMS of the University of Palermo on 6-7 April. Presenting the seminar were the lawyer Alessandro Palmigiano and Professor Antonello Miranda specialist in private International law at the University of Palermo. Other presenters included Professor Elena Poddighe, professor of International private law at the University of Sassari, with presentation dealing with consumers and digital services in the contect of European Union legislation, Raffaele Torino , specialist in private comparative International law at the University of Palermo and Michele Ruvolo, a magistrate of the Palermo District Court. A presentation on the recent case of the Popular Bank of Vincenza was also discussed , as with the functions of the recently enstated Banking and Finance Arbitration College in Palermo.
Palermo, 6-7 APRIL 2017