Alessandro Palmigiano , book entitled “ Sicily Recounts : 7 years of Consumer Law “

This is a guide for consumers touching upon the principle problems arising with respect to the rights of consumers, commecing with key judgments made by the Sicilian courts between 2008 – 2015, accompanied by the full text of the decisions themselves, with a brief summary to assist in the pragmatic understanding of the determining of each relevant problem.

The book is divided into 5 chapters, each introduced by an illustrative table, dealing with :

  • defintions, vexatious clauses and inhibitive actions;
  • banking and finance
  • consumer relationships
  • toursim and transport
  • responsibility for defective goods and consumer guarantees

The book provides a clear overview of the European and national normatives, which are presented in a practical manner analysing case law, with accompanying judgments, so as to assist in the ongoing and evolving analyisis of legislative detail.