Safe Contracts – Blue Label

The publication has been prepared on behalf of the associations Adiconsum, Adoc, Lega Consumatori, Unione Nazionale Consumatori, Confconsumatori e Federconsumatori, as a part of General Programme of the Region of Sicily 2007/2008, with the legal advice of Alessandro Palmigiano, a lawyer specialising in consumer rights and principal partner of the Palmigiano Law Firm. The publication […]

Consumed: Consumers In The Mediterranean

Project “Consumed – the new Euro-Mediterranean Network of Consumer Protection”, has been financed by the Region of Sicily as a part of the General Programme “Sicily Informs Consumers.” It contains a selection of legislation derriving from Mediterranean area countries in the field of consumer protection: Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Malta. Also a […]

Consumer Code

Italian attorney Alessandro Palmigiano, specialises in consumer rights law and has been supervising the preparation of “The Consumer Code with Comments”, which has been instigated under the General Program of the Region of Sicily 2009/2010, collaborating with the Regions of Puglia and Campania, consulting the Legal, Economics and Technology Research Center and the Foundation “Rosselli”. […]

The Health Charter

Project “The Health Charter”, commissioned by the Health Department of the Region of Sicily, has been carried out by the Foundation for the research “Rosselli”. The informative brochures have been prepared on the rights and duties of the citizens regarding the regional health service, in order to improve the service supply and to avoid waste. […]

Alessandro Palmigiano, book entitled “Regulation CE n.261/2004: European Community regulation regarding the compensation and assistance to passengers in the case of missed flights, cancellation of flights and extended delay”

The European Community regulation n.261 of February 2014, which renews the community standards with respect to missed flights, cancellation of flights and extended delay in the aeronautical sector, reinforces in a substantive manner the rights of passengers both with respect to the compensation of monetary damages and in terms of the assistance to be provided […]