Buying or renting property in Italy: how to deal with Italian estate agents

  According to the Italian law, estate agents must be duly authorized and enrolled in the chamber of commerce of the province in which they work or live, whether they operate as independent professionals or are employed by an agency.   Duty and obligations of Italian estate agents   To practice their profession lawfully, Italian […]

Buying a house in Italy: the preliminary contract of sale  

It is normal practice in real estate transactions in Italy that both the parties sign a preliminary contract of sale (contratto preliminare or compromesso). It is a true contract that obligates both parties to sign the final contract, stipulating the main elements of the transaction and the conditions for the future performance of the formalities […]

How get a mortgage for buying property in Italy

If buying a home in Italy appeals to you, you can apply for a mortgage: most Italian banks will give mortgages to non-residents, assuming they meet the general requirements. Whether you’re an Italian citizen living abroad or a foreigner, it’s likely that you will be asked to provide additional information about your status and your […]

Marriage and divorce in Italy: what you need to know about the Italian divorce law

Marriages between Italian citizens and foreigners frequently occur – as with separations and divorces that involve cross-border issues related to property and children. Marriage and children can be complex to manage, when partners have diverse citizenship. If you’re marrying an Italian partner, you will want to consider the consequences of marriage and divorce in Italy: […]

5 steps to follow when buying property in Italy

If the idea of buying property in Italy inspires you, there’s something you should know before closing the deal: besides being a dream come true, the purchase of a home (in Italy or anywhere else) is probably one of the largest and most important commitments you will make in your life. Real estate law in Italy is […]

Italian inheritance: requirements of a legally valid power of attorney

If you become a heir under a will and you are a foreigner, or an Italian citizen residing abroad, you will want to confer power of attorney on somebody who is practically and materially able to fulfill all the activities related to testate succession, such as the acceptance or waiver of the succession, or the […]

Giornale di Sicilia – 18 April 2017

“I am proud that the Court of Appeal ruled in our favour “ , declared Alessandro Palmigiano Lawyer, after receiving notice of the result, “because clauses dealing with consumer rights, as specified by consumer protection legislation , are required to be clear and easily understood, and the Court will be required to interpret clauses in […]

Studio Palmigiano was awarded the LOY Award

In the prestigious location of the Italian Stock Exchange, Piazza Affari Milano, Studio Palmigiano was awarded the LOY Award, representing an esteemed acknowledgment in banking law excellence for the south of Italy. Lawyer Alessandro Palmigiano was present to accept the reward, also endorsed importantly by the European Commission and in his acceptance speech before National […]

The seventh edition of seminar on Consumer Law

The seventh edition of this seminar,(together with a Press Conference held the prior day), was held at DEMS of the University of Palermo on 6-7 April. Presenting the seminar were the lawyer Alessandro Palmigiano and Professor Antonello Miranda specialist in private International law at the University of Palermo. Other presenters included Professor Elena Poddighe, professor […]