How to get an Italian Codice Fiscale

The Italian Codice Fiscale is an alphanumeric identification code of 16 characters, similar to a Social Security Number (SSN) in the United States or the National Insurance Number issued in the United Kingdom.


The term “Codice Fiscale” is commonly translated as “tax code”, “fiscal code” or “tax number”.


Why you might need an Italian Codice Fiscale as a foreigner


The Codice Fiscale is assigned by birth to Italians and upon request to non-Italians.

It is required for a range of Italian activities, such as:


– opening a bank or postal account

– buying or registering a motor vehicle

– signing a lease for a flat for more than 30 days

– buying or inheriting property

– registering a preliminary contract for the purchase of property

– getting an Italian mortgage

– taxing out an Italian Insurance policy

– taking up employment of any kind (whether an internship or paid)

– signing contracts with utility companies (gas, electricity, water, internet, phones, mobile phones, etc.)


Applying for a Codice Fiscale is free: you can obtain one at any tax office (Agenzia delle Entrate) in Italy, or through an Italian consular office or Embassy.

If you are a citizen of the European Union, or if you are from another country but do not need a visa for short-term visits to Italy, you just need your passport to obtain an Italian Codice Fiscale.

If, on the other hand, to visit Italy you need a visa, you will also need a visa to apply for a tax code.

As an alternative, an Italian attorney can apply for a Codice Fiscale on your behalf. This way you won’t need to deal personally with the relevant Italian tax authorities.


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